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Listen: Career Outlook in IT

This episode, I’m joined by Ryan Sutton of Robert Half, one of the biggest tech staffing firms out there. We talk about job prospects in IT, the growing recognition of “soft skills,” and a ton more.

Listen: How Do You Demonstrate a Skill Like Leadership on a Job Hunt?

A fantastic chat with a job hunter who asks, “I believe I’ve got plenty of leadership skills – how do I communicate that to prospective employers?” But the entire conversation applies to any skill you’re trying to communicate, along with seriously sage advice for where to prioritize your time and investments as you seek a new job. And frankly, it applies just as much to promotions as it does to a job move.

Listen: Enterprise Architecture

Our first episode looks at Enterprise Architecture: what is it? Who is it for? How do you get into it?

(Acknowledging that the audio needs work – this is totally listen-able, but there’s a bit of a learning curve on these multi-person interviews!)