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Listen: Leading & Learning

This turned out to be a kind of freewheeling discussion between myself, our question-asker Patrick, and three guests. It circles around the idea of leading a team of technologists, and not only on how technology gets selected in an environment, but how those three lead their teams to the right learning to get the job done – and to support their teams’ overall careers. Audio is a bit messy in spots, but I hope you enjoy the listen.

Listen: Steering a Career as a Woman in Tech

If you’re a woman in technology – specifically, in this case, a database administrator – how do you steer your career? How do you overcome imposter syndrome? How do you build a network of colleagues to help grow and support your career? SQL Server/PowerShell MVP Chrissy LeMaire joins for this insightful discussion.

Listen: What's a Stock Market, and How can a Virus Impact it?

So… we’ve all been dealing with a crazy stock market, with craziness coming from the global SARS-CoV-2 outbreak. But… how can a virus affect a stock market? What IS a stock market? Why do they work they way they do? A Round Table discussion for those who might not know exactly what all this stuff is.

Bonus Listen: A Round Table on OpEx, CapEx, and Business Finances

A bonus pilot episode for you this week! This is a potential new format for the podcast, where we take a relaxed, freewheeling approach to a particular topic. This episode: ever wonder what OpEx and CapEx are, and why some companies prefer one over the other? Wonder what a P&L is and how it’s used? All that and more are on the table.

Listen: Emotional Intelligence, Showing Up as Who You Want to Be

Would you coworkers describe you the same way you would? Is that description helping you as a person, and your career? “Emotional Intelligence” can seem like yet another Human Resources buzzword, but it’s really just a phrase for describing something that’s both powerful and simple – and something that can make your life and career more fulfilling and rewarding. Sarah’s book recommendation: Emotional Intelligence 2.0.

Listen: Community Contributions and Getting an MVP Award

What’s it take to get an MVP Award? What kind of contributions matter the most, and where do you start? And… is getting the Award the right reason to start contributing to your community? What’s the Award worth, and what’s it mean? Commonly asked, fairly heavy questions… and I think I’ve pulled together a great set of folks to offer their perspectives. And here’s a related post if this topic interests you.