Resetting Career Goals, Font-lines to Management

Setting goals is great, but what happens when you’ve accomplished most of them? In this episode Don and I are joined by a guest discussing switching career paths from the technical trenches to management. Listen to the episode to learn more.

Announcement: Change of ownership. Don is stepping back and Josh is taking over ownership as the main host of the show. Don will still appear as a guest every now and again. 🙂

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Listen: Messing with Sound

In this episode, Josh and I get a little introspective, and talk about our podcasting rigs. Whether you’re interested in starting a podcast, live streaming on Twitch, or just sounding better in Zoom or Teams, this is worth a listen.

LISTEN: Contemplating a Career Switch? Here’s What to Consider

Christopher and I speak with @MrThomasRayner about career switches. Not a wholesale switch to lumber or something, but rather a tweak: maybe becoming a software dev, or something like that. We discuss the things you’ve got to keep in mind, and the important fact that absolutely no tech careers are immune to “constant change and reskilling” these days. Submit YOUR topic ideas at; this November we’ll be switching the show format slightly to make it easier for YOUR topics to make it on the show.